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Superstructure and equipment variants

Superstructure systems / Sliding tarpaulin / Swing wall / Special vehicle construction

Closed superstructure with possibility of the discharge of loose goods

The “LUBRICANT DISTRIBUTOR” was planned and developed in detail together with customers from the mineral oil sector. This superstructure design-implementation is produced with the superstructure systems BÖSE OVERSIDER, BÖSE SUBMATIC and as BOESE flatbed superstructure with side planking and tarpaulin. Individual hinged opening flaps in the lower side planking enable the discharge of loose goods. According to installation length, there is space for up to ten placement tanks, each with a capacity of 1500 litres. The hose/frontal cabinet (optional) integrated on the front wall offers stowage for three types of suction and pressure hoses, which can be stowed here, divided up according to product groups.

Possible equipment details

  • Air vents in the roof
  • Superstructure interior lighting with switching circuit in the cab
  • Pallet stop strips
  • Closures; lockable superstructure
  • Freight protection system with blocking beams for protection in case of partial loading
  • Lowered base for the exterior frame, in order to prevent side slipping, flush with the tail frame
  • profile sections primed with powder-coating
  • Implementation with posts, exterior frames, close-offs in stainless steel
  • Superstructure painting with single or multiple colours, individual lettering
  • Rear-side tail lift, double-wing door or fixed
  • Reversing camera with monitor in the cab
  • Fire extinguisher with protective hood

For Submatic or Oversider

Also the BÖSE swing-wall system accessory equipment version “LUBRICANT DISTRIBUTOR” (SUBMATIC or OVERSIDER) is certified in accordance with freight protection directive VDI 2.700 ff. The BÖSE swing-wall systems are certified in accordance with freight protection certificate of Dekra in case of the following loaded goods:

  • Dimensionally stable and not tilt-endangered IBC steel, aluminium and plastic containers for oil and lubricant transport
  • Dimensionally-stable and not tilt-endangered palletised 200 ltr. – steel and plastic drums for oil and grease material transport
  • Dimensionally-stable Daimler Chrysler load carrier in accordance with DCE-RL 9.5, DCE-RL 5.1 and DCE-RL 5.2
  • Beverage cases loaded over surface on Euro flat pallets 800 x 1,200 mm, industrial pallets 1,000 x 1,200 mm or on GDB mineral-water pallets 1,070 x 1,100 mm.

Product examples