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Under-roof swing-wall system

Superstructure systems / Beverage logistics / Swing wall

Advanced cable-pull technology

The BÖSE SUBMATIC under-roof, swing-wall system is the advanced and well-proven superstructure system for economical beverage transport. Beverage logistics specialists of repute, breweries and mineral water suppliers employ this BÖSE system daily and appreciate the high quality and security-related designs of the BÖSE brand. The BÖSE SUBMATIC under-roof swing-wall system offers all the advantages of a smooth-running and user-friendly superstructure. The high requirements on a secure beverage transport are more than fulfilled by this system, with its certification according to VDI 2.700 ff. The functioning method of this superstructure is conceivably simple. By swinging down the lower side planking, the upper wall swings automatically and fully inwards under the superstructure roof. As a result of well designed cable guides and optimised spring support, this procedure is implemented without any great effort and time outlay. You are well placed with us: Lashing rails, blocking bars, anchoring bars, lashing belts, folding profile sections, folding grating. We build your superstructure according to your desires and requirements. Freight protection equipment certified in accordance with VDI 2.700 ff. With such equipment, the freight is packed securely: Employment of individual freight protection solutions (e.g. certified restraint system with blocking beams); function and parking situation under the roof independent of the swing operation.

The facts

  • Opening and closing in shortest time with maximum ease of handling
  • High degree of security (certified in accordance with VDI 2.700 ff./DIN EN 12642 Code XL)
  • Optimised ease of operation: The spring support of the low-maintenance cable pull system ensures rapid and simple access to the transportation goods
  • Side planking sub-division with low lower planking
  • Low-maintenance superstructure construction
  • Access to the entire loading space
  • Full pull-in of the upper walls in the opened status
  • Installation lengths up to 8,600 mm without central division
  • Corner pillar construction for continuous loading width and rear portal width of 2,450 mm.
  • Large-area support for your long-standing advertising message (on side, on rear, on request on the roof)
  • On request for refrigerated transports, equipping with insulating and cooling systems

Product examples