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Perfection in detail

Special vehicle construction / Accessories

Insulated implementation in perfection

BÖSE offers its superstructure systems SUBMATIC, OVERSIDER and LIFTING in insulated implementation. In this case, the base, roof and the side planking are insulated. At the rear, according to implementation e.g. the double-wing door is insulated or a refrigeration curtain attached on tail lifts. As a cooling system, BÖSE offers different possibilities: The customer can select between a fixed installation or the BÖSE pallet cooling.
In case of the well-proven BÖSE pallet cooling, the entire freezer is installed on a construction in “pallet dimensions”.
In case of cooling operation, the cooling system is located in the superstructure on the rear-sided double-wing door, or optionally on the front wall (e.g. in case of rear loading side planking operation). The ventilation and air extraction is implemented over two openings. The stowage space of the freezer is panelled and insulated, so that the warmed-up air of the freezer cannot reach the loading space. The BÖSE pallet cooling is not fixed-connected with the superstructure, and can be lifted from the vehicle by forklift without any great effort. With an insulated BÖSE superstructure and the BÖSE pallet cooling, you guarantee cool drinks for every party! In case of placed-down pallet cooling, the entire superstructure is available for loading.

Product examples