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Uncompromising functionality for demanding applications

Superstructure systems / Beverage logistics / Sliding tarpaulin / Special vehicle construction

Beverage-transport semi-trailer

The BÖSE EURO SADDLE beverage-transport semi-trailer meets not only the requirements of the large-volume transportation vehicle, it also fulfils, in matters of liability of the shipment security, the directives according to VDI 2.700 ff and meets new standards in this transport class. The special roof construction enables loading between the roof belts, which simultaneously secure the loaded goods. As an option, Boese offers a lifting device which lifts the roof alternatively on one side only or completely. In case of one-sided lifting of the roof, the other superstructure side can remain closed, which speeds up the loading process. Fast loading processes mean less personnel costs for you and more cost-effectiveness. The loading space offers room for 44 beer pallets or 40 water pallets or 54 Euro pallets.

The facts

  • Side-sliding tarpaulin with incorporated belt network
  • Lift-roof with six double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Lift-height up to 600 mm
  • Lifting of roof possible completely or (optionally) on one-side
  • Freight protection with form-fitting loading through closure of the superstructure:
  • Dekra-certified in accordance with VDI 2.700 ff.
  • Low-loader with two side central posts and three turn-lath rows
  • High base with two turn-lath rows
  • Optimal, large-area advertising medium

Product examples